Frequently Asked Questions




How do I apply for a work experience placement?

· Go to the Placement Finder page

· Select the organisation you are interested in

· Look through the list of placements for a suitable placement

· Complete and submit the application

Can I apply for more than one placement at a time?

No, due to the high demand for places we can only process one application from each applicant at a time. Should your application be declined, you are eligible to reapply for a later date or apply for a different placement immediately. If you are successful, you cannot apply for another placement for a date in the same calendar year. We have to limit placements to one placement per applicant per calendar year. If you have already attended a placement in 2020 you can apply for a placement in 2021.

Are there set weeks I can apply for?

Some departments specify on the online directory if there are set dates but normally you have to state a specific dates eg week commencing 6/12/21 or week commencing 13/12/21.

Can I put more than one date on my application?

You can provide a selection of dates for a placement. Eg week commencing 6/12/21 or week commencing 13/12/21. If the department is unable to offer you a placement on the dates you requested they’ll suggest an alternative date. Please note that you can only attend one placement per calendar year due to the demand for placements.

If I apply today, can I do the work experience next week?

No, this doesn’t allow enough time for the department to consider your application. The process can take up to 8 weeks so please allow enough time for your application to be processed.

If I’m successful and attend a placement can I reapply for another placement?

We have to limit placements to one placement per applicant per calendar year. You can apply for another placement for a date in the following calendar year.

I’m on a gap year and am not currently at a school/college/university. Would I still be eligible to apply for a placement?

Yes. Work experience placements are open to school pupils, students and adults.

I left school a long while ago. Do you still need a reference?

If you can't supply a tutor's reference then an employer's reference will be suitable.

Will I be able to wear trainers?

Flat, comfortable shoes are recommended but not trainers.

What is the dress code for the induction?

Smart, casual. School pupils can come straight from school in their school uniform. 

Will I be able to park on campus for the duration of the placement?

Parking is very limited and at most placements you will have to pay as there is no free or reserved parking. For placements at QMC/Nottingham City Hospital you can use the Medilink bus.

I am a second year university student looking for a placement year for my third year.

We only offer placements for one week. We don’t offer university elective placement years.

Will I need to take a lateral flow test?

Yes, you will be required to take a lateral flow test before and during the placement. A week before your placement please arrange to take a Lateral Flow Test through your school/college/university. If you are not in full time education you can arrange to take the Lateral Flow Test via your employer or the Government website at You should take two tests three days apart.

Do I need to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to attend work experience?

We encourage work experience applicants to be vaccinated against Covid-19 to protect themselves, patients and staff.